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California's Higher Education Crisis

Budget Crunch Forces Community College Students To Rethink Education Timeline

Cuts to California's higher education budget has put the squeeze on the community colleges. While the UC and CSU systems garner all the publicity, the community colleges have felt the pinch as well and the students pouring in from four-year universities to take classes on the cheap has made matters worse. At Santa Monica College some students worry the overcrowding may hurt their chances ove transferring in two years.

How Would You Fund Higher Education?

Add new taxes? Cut back on health and human services? Try your hand at managing the budget to restore education to its former glory.

By The Numbers: Dissecting The University of California Crisis
The California Dream envisioned  that every resident would have access to affordable and quality higher education. But with buget cuts and fee increases the state is struggling to maintain its its world-class universities.

Undocumented Students Dream of a Degree
Fee increases hurt most student's pockets. But undocumented students feel the pinch more than most. With no access to financial aid or student loans many of these students have had to take on multiple jobs or put off their dreams to pay for school.